Love SMS For Husband (IN ENGLISH)

Love SMS For Husband (IN ENGLISH)

91. My beloved husband, faster all the oceans, rivers, seas, and lakes dry up than my love for you will disappear.
I’m yours forever.

92. The only thing that gives me more goosebumps than the memory of falling in love with you, is the thought of being with you forever.

93. I dreamt that you were mine, and then I woke up smiling because I realized it was not a dream. You are already mine!

94. For my love, you are beautiful and the most important individuals in my life.
I love more than anything or anyone.
My wish is that our love will grow stronger with each passing day.

95. Grab your dictionary,
and look for a definition of a parent,
You’ll discover that these are people,
whose love is transparent,
They will cherish every laugh you give them,
they will love, and protect,
They will reach and take the stars from the sky,
so as to make your life perfect.

96. There are times when people give me every reason to hate this world, but then the moment your thought comes to my mind, I start to enjoy even the worst that I have to face.

97.  As a couple, we may be mature, loving and understanding. But the chemistry of our innocent love is insane, crazy and mad. I love you and I hope this never changes.

98. Mom and dad, I grew up cocooned in your love, comforted by your hugs and motivated by your lives…
and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for everything.

99. Your marriage day was a day of happiness with sweetdream.

100. The decision to marry you was the wisest decision in my life and our wedding was the happiest event for me, you are a part of me, my dearest and beloved man.

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